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All new Aquarium Maintenance Service Customers start off by requesting a free complimentary quote, where one of our Expert Maintenance Technicians will visit your aquariums location in order to identify a few key factors necessary to not only effectively quote the service but build a winning game plan in order to assure proper maintenance and upkeep of your tank. 
Factors that will be considered throughout Quoting process:
- Aquarium Accessibility
- Overall Size of Aquarium
- Sump Efficiency
- Filtration
- Lighting
- Livestock
- Overall Health of Aquarium and Livestock
- Water Change Enhancement Strategy
Once our quoting procedure is completed, our Expert Tank Maintenance Technician will provide you a set of specific information and recommendations to assure every customer understands the recommended maintenance procedure in order to maximize their specific aquarium quality, health and longevity. 
Information and Recommendations will include: 
- Pricing Per Service Visit
- Recommended Amount of Service Visits per Month
- Recommended Water Change Frequency
-Recommended Water Change Volume (Usually 20% of Overall Tank Size in Gallons)
(All Water Changes are Performed with High Quality 100% Fully Synthetic Saltwater)
- Recommended Water Test Frequency
- Recommended Natural Livestock Needed for Organic Algae Control (IF NEEDED)
- Recommended Sump Maintenance Strategy
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