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  • $15,000 Fish!!!

    Why are these fish so expensive and how can you get your hands on one! Background and History Sometimes it seems that the brighter the marine live the more expensive it is and the Clarion Angelfish is definitely no exception. Native to the Pacific Mexican coast, this fish is extremely captivating not only to rare fish collectors but everyday hobbyists alike not only because of unique and beautiful coloration but difficulty of capture, scarcity and steep price tag. Like other high ticket fish in the industry, for years the main cost driver for this fish was mostly due to how hard it was to capture in the wild. Even though in recent years professional captive breeders started successfully breeding and tank raising this specific species allowing for more and safer industry accessibility, it seems that its reputation keeps proceeding it as it seems that some are still currently in the market for upwards of $15,000 USD. How hard is this fish to take care of?... Even though this fish is categorized as a fish that is not reef compatible there are some plus sides to the care of the Clarion Angelfish, for starters it doesn't require hobbyists to have a massive tank in order to keep this species happy and healthy, with a very accessible 100 Gallon tank this specific species of fish will feel right at home. Moreover, the fact that the Clarion Angelfish is considered an omnivore, means that hobbyists can implement a wide array of diets in order to keep this fish nice and healthy. Finally, one point to be really aware of is that this fish is considered to be a somewhat semi-aggressive species and with an 8-inch max growth size it is definitely a fish that you want to be very careful when placing it with other fish in your saltwater tank. If anyone of our followers happens to have gotten their hands on one or knows of anyone who has one these beautiful Aquatic Jewels please feel free to share your experience with us.

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  • MAINTENANCE | Aquatic Jewels Reef

    HOW WE DO AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE All new Aquarium Maintenance Service Customers start off by requesting a free complimentary quote, where one of our Expert Maintenance Technicians will visit your aquariums location in order to identify a few key factors necessary to not only effectively quote the service but build a winning game plan in order to assure proper maintenance and upkeep of your tank. ​ Factors that will be considered throughout Quoting process: ​ - Aquarium Accessibility - Overall Size of Aquarium - Sump Efficiency - Filtration - Lighting - Livestock - Overall Health of Aquarium and Livestock - Water Change Enhancement Strategy ​ Once our quoting procedure is completed, our Expert Tank Maintenance Technician will provide you a set of specific information and recommendations to assure every customer understands the recommended maintenance procedure in order to maximize their specific aquarium quality, health and longevity. ​ Information and Recommendations will include: ​ - Pricing Per Service Visit - Recommended Amount of Service Visits per Month - Recommended Water Change Frequency -Recommended Water Change Volume (Usually 20% of Overall Tank Size in Gallons) (All Water Changes are Performed with High Quality 100% Fully Synthetic Saltwater) - Recommended Water Test Frequency - Recommended Natural Livestock Needed for Organic Algae Control (IF NEEDED) - Recommended Sump Maintenance Strategy CLICK HERE TO REQUEST YOUR FREE QUOTE VISIT!!!

  • Soft Corals | Aquatic Jewels Reef

    SOFTIES CORAL Filter by Price $9.99 $199.99 Species Clavularia Discosomidae Ricordea Ricordea Yuma Palythoa Grandis Sarcophyton Glaucum Sinularia flexibilis Zoanthids Size Frag Small Medium Large Extra Large Sort by Quick View Green Finger Coral (Alcyonium sp.) Price $69.99 Add to Cart Quick View Finger Leather (Alcynoium sp) Price $69.99 Add to Cart Quick View Green Cabbage Coral (Sinularia spp.) Price From $99.99 Add to Cart Per Head Quick View Green Rim Zoa (Zoanthid) Price $9.99 Add to Cart Per Polyp Quick View Grandis Coral (Palythoa Grandis) Price $49.99 Add to Cart Per Polyp Quick View Green Mushroom (Discosomidae) Price $9.99 Add to Cart Quick View Red Mushroom Coral (Discosomidae) Price From $49.99 Add to Cart Quick View Neon Green Toad Stool Leather (Sarcophyton Glaucum) Price $149.99 Add to Cart Quick View Green Toad Stool Leather (Sarcophyton Glaucum) Price $79.99 Add to Cart Quick View LA Lakers (Zoanthid) Price $39.99 Add to Cart Quick View Orange and Blue Yuma (Ricrodea Yuma) Price $39.99 Add to Cart Quick View Clove Polyp Coral (Clavularia) Price $114.99 Add to Cart Quick View Green Leather Finger Coral (Sinularia flexibilis) Price $49.99 Add to Cart Per Head Quick View Ricordea (Ricordea Florida) Price $39.99 Add to Cart Quick View Zoa Rock (Zoanthids) Price $199.99 Add to Cart

  • GIFT CARD | Aquatic Jewels Reef

    GIFT CARDS The Aquatic Jewels Gift card the perfect gift for any and all aquarium enthusiasts. We bring the dazzling world beneath our oceans directly from coral farmers around the world straight to the hands of every saltwater aquarium hobbyist, no middle man simply the highest quality at the lowest prices. ​ Let you or your loved ones submerge into this breathtaking world by allowing them the option of choosing from any of our unique large corals for sale, healthy fish, and invertebrates while we look forward to helping you reach even your wildest aquatic milestones. BUY NOW!

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